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Our LUXURIOUS skincare kit contains our microdermabrasion cleansing cream, toner, moisturizing gel, and our night guard anti-wrinkle and scar serum. This kit is specifically designed to help slow the signs of aging, promote elasticity, smooth, firm, and enhance radiance. Treat your skin to the earth's natural goodness. 


Step 1- CLEANSING CREAM- 30 ML. SQUEEZE BOTTLE (Wet face. Gently massage cream onto face with fingertips, letting the product do the scrubbing for you. Rinse with warm water. Can be used morning and night.)


Step 2- TONER- 60 ML. SPRAY BOTTLE  (Spray evenly over face avoiding the opening of your eyes. Then use moisturizer.) 


Step 3- MOISTURIZING GEL- 30 ML. JAR (Using the spatula that is including in the packaging (we provide this spatula to help prevent bacteria from growing in the product caused by fingertips), apply to fingertips using the spatula and then gently rub onto face before applying make-up each morning.) 


Step 4- NIGHT GUARD ANTI-WRINKLE AND SCAR SERUM- 30 ML. DROPPER BOTTLE (After you have removed your make-up for the evening, and used the first 3 steps of our skincare kit, the final step is to apply 3 drops under each eye. Gently use your ring finger to spread the dots onto your skin just before going to bed. Do not wear make-up after use. Please read our safety and warnings page before use. Do not get in the openings of your eyes, lips, or nose.)


  • We use natural fruit of the earth ingredients. We never add unhealthy chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. Any fragrance found in our products is from natural resources such as our in-house ®Juvtree Coffee Silk Oil. Each product comes with an insert that reveals the ingredients. For your safety, be sure to read all instructions that come with the product before applying to your body. 

  • Do not get near the opening of your eyes. If product touching the opening of your eye, flush immediately with warm water and then use eye drops. This product is for external use only. This is not food. Do not eat. Do not get in mouth, eyes, or nose. 


To be sure the purity of JUVTREE skincare products doesn't get contaminated or melt during use, turn off the shower while applying and close the product lid tightly when finished. Seal body bars in a water-tight container.

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