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To substantiate the safety of our products we:

-Use all-natural ingredients that can be found in nature and which are commonly not known to be harmful to human health.

-We also research the combination of these ingredients to be sure it doesn't cause a chemical reaction before putting them in our products.

-Using natural ingredients doesn't ensure there won't be allergic reactions to our products (because everyone's body chemistry is different) but we do feel that it does lessen the chance of harmful occurrences. We feel that if it can be found in nature, commonly used as a natural remedy, can be eaten, or used in homemade skincare it should be safe for dermal absorption and for use on human skin.

-We research what ingredients other name brand products have in them for comparison reasons, since name brand products have been thoroughly and vigorously studied and tested. If the combination of ingredients is safe in their products, we use this information to assume they're safe in ours as well. The difference is we don't add unhealthy chemicals and preservatives to ours because we don't need a long shelf life for our products. They are made to order. We advise you to use our products as soon as you get them. They are formulated to be safe with a reasonable amount of use time, usually 3-6 months. 

-We provide links on our website to articles that help to educated the public on why we include certain ingredients in our products.

-We try the products on ourselves and any available volunteers and we ask for feedback to help us evaluate the effectiveness and safety of our products.

-We use the gold standard in making high-quality products.

-We use organic products when available if it is feasible to do so.


If you have any feedback that will help substantiate the efficacy of our products, please reach out.


If you have had an allergic reaction or adverse side effect to one of our products, please submit a report so we can add it to our documentation and improve our research efforts. Please include the product name, the ingredient you believe you're allergic to, and the side effects this ingredient caused.

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