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This product is formulated to be used on your body and face. Enriched with holistic ingredients such as Dead Sea Minerals, 100% Pure honey, and 100% USDA-Certified Organic unrefined coconut oil, along with other all-natural ingredients. Preserved with apple-cider vinegar and glycerin, and scented with natural lemon.


This body polish will help to keep your skin bright and smooth. By removing dead skin cells, it promotes cell regeneration. This helps your skin renew itself and promotes a youthful appearance. Made with dead sea minerals and ultra-fine sugar to rejuvenate and lock in moisture. Contains luxury olive oil to help dry skin recover. For oily skin, try our microdermabrasion face polish.


Warning-Use no more than twice per week to protect your natural skin barrier. Do not scrub. Gently rub the product on and it will do the scrubbing for you. See our warnings and instructions page before use. Not for daily use.




  • We use natural fruit of the earth ingredients. We never add unhealthy chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. Any fragrance found in our products is from natural resources such as our in-house ®Juvtree Coffee Silk Oil. Each product comes with an insert that reveals the ingredients. For your safety, be sure to read all instructions that come with the product before applying to your body. 

  • Do not get near the opening of your eyes. If product touching the opening of your eye, flush immediately with warm water and then use eye drops. This product is for external use only. This is not food. Do not eat. Do not get in mouth, eyes, or nose. 


To be sure the purity of JUVTREE skincare products doesn't get contaminated or melt during use, turn off the shower while applying and close the product lid tightly when finished. Seal body bars in a water-tight container.

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