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Hi, my name is Valerie Clay.

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Juvtree was birthed after I developed many health issues. My mom was diagnosed with dementia, and then I was diagnosed with cancer. I quickly realized I had better make a lasting lifestyle change. I then become a DYI guru and developed a more holistic mindset. I started reading the backs of labels, much to my chagrin. Once I realized how many companies put unhealthy carcinogens in their products, I was honestly afraid to shampoo my hair! I decided to make my own brand so that I could feel confident about what I put on my skin.


I'm motivated to guard everything I breath in, put on my skin, touch, drink, or eat. In my quest to get and stay healthy, I've come to realize that Americans use so many unnecessary and unhealthy products. Living a holistic lifestyle means getting rid of all of that clutter and sticking with the basics. It means saving your money for the important things like health insurance or paying off debts. 

God gave me grace when a breast cancer tumor disappeared. Did my body getting better have something to do with replacing all of those unhealthy products I was using? I don't know. But what I do know is that this world is set up to destroy us and the only way to overcome it is with wisdom. Wisdom only comes from God. Knowing this, I share my faith as often as I can.


Because of this, I write a holistic life blog to help you rise above this world's way of thinking and grow spiritually. My goal is to sell you a holistic product that is made with natural fruit of the earth ingredients to lessen the chance of them making you sick. 

Many cosmetics contain unhealthy chemicals and preservatives known as hormone disrupters, which can increase estrogen in women or change the way their body produces or uses hormones. Our bodies have dermal absorption, which means they soak up what is put on the skin. Soaking up these toxins can lead to breast cancer and other health issues.


My luxurious skincare products are made with all of this in mind. My cosmetics are free of unhealthy chemicals or dyes and are perfume-free. Most are plant or mineral-based. Please share Juvtree so that those you love can participate in living a minimalistic lifestyle when it comes to skincare. 

"May you be blessed, happy, and whole!"

3 John 1:2

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